Jorge Photo is a full service quality photography studio that focuses on capturing the vision and memories of its customers.

We currently offer quality and high value photography services in the following:

  • Real Estate, Store front, Venue

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

  • Product merchandising for promotions and advertising

Born in Bolivia, my desire to explore and photograph my travels started from a young age when I grabbed hold of my father’s 35mm Konica Minolta.  The idea that I could capture images of anything and for a long time fascinated me. This passion to capture the magical moments that life and its experiences have to offer continued on to my first digital camera and throughout my travels in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Russia. Since then I have turned what started as hobby into a profession to bring customers the images they want and desire. To capture memories in format that can be shared and stored for years to come, to capture the spirit of beautiful real estate that will bridge the gap between buyer’s and sellers, and to capture the essence of all venues that have much to offer to our communities.

Salar de Uyuni