Jorge Photo Greece

Jorge Román

Born in Bolivia, relocated to California at the age of 1, back to Bolivia at 3 and then New Jersey at 5 you can say moving around has been a part of my life right from the beginning.  My desire to explore has always been a part of me.  The feeling of staying put in one place for too long wears on me & has always kept pushing me and fueling my desire to visit the places I had only seen in pictures or heard of.  Along with it, is my fascination with photography and passion to capture the magical moments that life and its experiences have to offer.  My travels have so far taken me throughout North and South America, Europe but other continents are sure to follow.  By day I work in the tech sector, by night I'm driven by music but life drives me to discover the world and all its intricacies in a manner that can only be done; by first hand.